Excuse me? You targeted me. You’re the troll. I’m on Medium minding my own business…you ask me a hostile question with odd sentence structure. Based on that I assumed that English is not your first language- only because I have taught many people English as a second language and I noticed that you are doing the sorts of things ESL writers do.

Yes it certainly matters what languages you speak. What a ridiculous question. If you are American, then you should know full well that there is all sorts of paranoia surrounding Russian hackers and the methods they are using to infiltrate American social media.

No one speaks Latin anymore. No you do not write like a Spanish speaker. Spanish is very similar to English, changes are barely perceptible. The thing you do with verbs when you slip up — definitely not a mistake an English as a first language person makes. You incorrectly conjugate them, and I am not being critical. English is very hard to learn as a second language. So when you write things like:

We done here

Instead of

We are done here

It sounds like you are pulling from one of those languages that sounds really choppy, and doesn’t have the nuances of a lot of different sounds like English has. Slavic and Asian languages sound choppy. German does to, but German is very similar to English.

Well there’s a little lesson in linguistics. If English is in fact your first language, you are doing weird stuff with the verbs, occasionally. It could be typos I guess. Your name also sounds Slavic in origin. But I’ll admit that doesn’t mean anything. You could totally be an American. (Wink, wink).

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!