Fair enough. I see your point. But at the same time Hillary Clinton and Donald trump are immoral in different ways. Clinton is your typical politician- and the only thing that really gave me grave concerns about her was that she was a a warhawk — not only is Donald Trump not your typical politician (and that’s not a good thing) he’s really, really immature, self-absorbed and obnoxious. Now, Ron Collins keeps saying, people were voting against Hillary, which, in that light, makes far more sense. But now we’ve all got to live with what those votes bought. Tweeting about the CIA? Really? Really! And why? Just why? Someone said to me, this kind of behavior is like that of early stage dementia- and when she explained it to me, I was inclined to agree.

Typical politicians- like Hillary Clinton of if you want someone from the Pub side- the beloved Paul Ryan, understand that there is a certain standard of behavior and a certain image that must be maintained in order to provide International Order. Russia, Korea, China, Isreal, all of the Middle East, these are not contestants on The Apprentice!

I’ll take a Paul Ryan or a Kasich or even a Pence- all day every day over a Trump.

Trump is a typical conman who has used basic techniques to con voters. I’m not saying everyone who voted for him was fooled, but clearly he has identified his marks and has used them, shamelessly, using pretty well-known techniques.

But I guess either way, you had to OVERLOOK A LOT to cast a vote- and dems and pubs disagree ferociously over what should be overlooked.

There is plenty of corruption on both sides of the isle. Both sides have been manipulating/corrupting the process relentlessly, and so now were are all stuck trying to justify corrupt choices, which is just stupid…the more I think about it.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!