Fair question, are you a bot? You got 8 followers…you following 2 people, and you have 185 claps for your conspiracy theorist bashing? What’s up with that? Who is doing all that clapping? In such a short period of time? You posted, only a few hours ago…And in all that time…You got all those claps. I got 99 claps for the initial post…Over the course of at least 5 days.

You come in, CT bashing, and immediately get nearly twice as many claps. Like seriously, what is UP?

I’m seeing a trend all over social media…Any one who asks any questions about anything going on right now, outside of the media party line, gets silenced.

All I say, is ask questions about stuff, that IS the FOUNDATION of critical thinking, and yet…I get silenced.

I bet you’re going to say that’s a conspiracy theory.

Working with the Light!

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