Feminism is not synonymous with hating men. Feminism does promote ideas such as rape and sexual assault are crimes that should be punishable by law and no one has done as much to advocate for these victims as feminists.

People try to make this argument that feminist anti-male, but it’s just not true. Feminists are largely concerned with the health and wellbeing of women and children- and that largely benefits everyone in society. People need to stop spreading these blatant lies about feminism.

Feminism is actually pretty basic — treat women like human beings, don’t beat them, don’t rape them, pay them the wages that they earn, let them get an education, own property- basic, basic stuff. It is not complicated at all and any woman who is not a feminists then is signing on for being beaten, raped, abused and discarded. I find it shocking how many women don’t understand that this is what they are signing up for when you bash feminism.

Many men are extremely threatened by feminism. I don’t know why. If you are a man, dead set against feminism, is it because you want to beat and rape women? Abuse them? Not allow them to have access to an education, money or property? Is that really what you want? Maybe so.

Radical feminists believe that this is what most men want, and, as a result, radical feminists do seem to hate men. But radical feminists do not represent feminism any more than ISIS represents Islam or the KKK represents Christianity. I’m so tired of people acting like they simply can’t comprehend that an extreme minority doesn’t represent the entire group. It’s just really not that complicated a concept.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!