Finally a Trump supporter who at least comes close to understanding what HRC’s real flaws are.

Well…though you seem to think he is a God, Trump’s Just a billionaire conartist who amassed much of his wealth by outsourcing all of his product lines to India, Mexico and Bangladesh, where he could pay foreign workers $1 for a 12 hour day. Globalist much? Bill Clinton drafted NAFTA and Trump profited from it relentlessly. Trump is certainly not without his flaws.

And you probably think that Trump will bring some of that industry back home. Don’t hold your breath.

But wait, he did save some industry for the home turf. There’s Trump university where customers parted with thousands to learn absolutely nothing except that Trump loves the sound of his own name. Then there is the Trump realty built up on the backs of all the small broken businesses that he conned into contracting with him and refused to pay.

Bill Gates is a successful businessman. Trump is a successful con artist, who has got you as the perfect mark.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!