The End — FireWater

And Other Catastrophes We Are Not Discussing During the Apocalypse and 2020 Election

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Vote! Vote! Vote! And hope and pray for a vaccine for the Corona Virus by November! Then it will all go back to normal! The new president will settle everything, once and for all! Until then, put on your mask! Stay locked down! And don’t worry about school or jobs or evictions or healthcare or the looming global economic collapse. Just vote!

As I write this, I am sitting on my bed in Richmond, Virginia watching an unseasonable amount of rain pummel the city. It is strange when weather transforms the familiar landscape you know into something mildly unrecognizable.

All summer it has been raining quite hard in Virginia. This is not something that usually happens here. There has been a lot of water in Virginia in 2020. People don’t want to talk about the weather: Vote! Vote! Vote! That is always on the agenda.

But I wonder can the farmers grow food with all of this water and weird weather? Vote, Vote Vote! A neighbor’s roof was torn off in the last bad storm. The insurance company is refusing to pay for a replacement. She has no roof and an elderly, sick mother.

Californians say their skies are orange, red and black. They speak of soot falling everywhere like soft dark snow. Dead birds are falling from the sky. Does the smoke blind and choke them, as they plummet to their deaths? Who has answers? What does Trump have to say about this? Biden? Vote, vote vote!

The scientists warned us that this would happen. They have been sounding alarms for the last 20 years at least. They kept predicting that weather patterns would grow more extreme. There will be storms, there will be fires, there will be sea levels rising. There will be difficulty growing food. The changes will come upon us so quickly, it will be challenging to respond. Coasts will go under. Land masses will disappear. Have you ever been to Miami? My God, it was obvious what was happening to it. Did we listen? No not really. We just wanted to drive our cars. Big oil fought entire wars just so we could. Now look at us.

These bicoastal catastrophes feel downright biblical. Remember the 10 plagues of Egypt? All summer people have been in the streets, screaming at a modern-day Pharaoh of sorts: let my people go! Set us free! I can’t breathe! Let us live! Religious folk have been talking up these Old Testament end times for the last decade, at least.

I used to dismiss it, but honestly, all this sickness, all this unrest, all this fire, and all this water (remember Noah, and the parted red sea?) Things seem pretty end timey. I can’t deny it. Downright apocalyptic

Does anyone see the irony? How ridiculous is the form of our self-destruction. We have taken to the streets, demanding that our lives matter. We have taken to the streets, with knives, guns tanks and bombs, insisting that they don’t. The West coast is on fire, while the South east is drowning. If we could take the country and fold it onto itself, maybe we could force it to heal.

If only…

Vote! Vote! Vote! What good will any of it do in a country, so deeply divided? A world warming and tearing itself apart?

This is a strange time. Corrupted systems imploding. This feels like watching asteroids hit the earth, demolishing it bit by bit in our cities, states and countries.

Natural catastrophes are not human enemies, and don’t make good press, like the stoked division between the right and the left. Fox news and publicans bread and butter is in blaming all of this chaos all on BLM protests. CNN and “leftists” delight in blaming all of this chaos on Trump. (He has been using that chaos magick. )

Holding an election in 2020 seems almost laughable…like opening an umbrella during one of these category 5 hurricanes in the South and expecting it to keep you safe and dry! It’s as ridiculous as walking towards a wildfire with a single fire extinguisher and spraying.

This has been a long time coming. All the politicians (puppet string pullers) are at their whits end, really. They have no solutions.

The old ways will not work. This should be obvious. In 2020 life has become so bizarre as to be nearly unrecognizable; and yet we insist upon doing all the same things. Vote, vote vote! What else is there to do? Like the musicians on the Titanic…we all just kept playing. Staying calm while waiting for all of that water (or fire) to rush on in.

Working with the Light!

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