I wouldn’t say Obama is a different man than I thought. (I can’t speak for anyone else.) He was a politician. They’re all pretty much the same, inauthentic and disingenuous, that is the job. It just is.

But Obama was better at faking authenticity and genuineness than the rest. He cultivated a brand that was very bright and shiny. No one really looked under the hood. I did…so…no not really surprised about who he really is.

I think the problem is America. America isn’t what we thought. America, has successfully cultivated this bright and shiny, facade, for many years. But has been walking it back, for at least the last 20 years…probably the last 50 years. When Trump became president America said, “Fuck it.” Trump is the real face of America. No more pretenses. No more facade of democracy for America or the world. We are all seeing what America really is.

It’s not pretty.

And Biden ain’t gonna bother with putting on a bright and shiny facade either. He too is the face of America. No different from Trump. Not really. The forces controlling America are done pretending. No matter which puppet takes the reins: Trump, Biden, Obama…it is what it is. There is a sad, sick consistency to all of it.

Working with the Light!

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