Forever….thanks for the recommendation. I haven’t watched that documentary, but the injustices of the American criminal justice system-especially as it relates to black men have been very thoroughly documented, well before the 13th…that documentary just dumbed down years of research and studies and facts into something easily digestible to pop culture. So, I probably won’t watch it. I already know all that stuff. But it’s great if it opened your eyes.

It’s great that you have a desire to know the truth. A lot of people are running from all kinds of truths. Race, sex, class and culture, they all work together to oppress people in odd and strange ways.

Now that this is all coming to light, half the he masses are losing their minds clinging to their denials. As for me? I just want the truth to be known. I dig it when people like begin to see the truth.

Working with the Light!

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