Forgotten how to do arithmetic! Knock on wood, that really might be in the works! But, you are so on point about what we haven’t forgotten. How to oppress and abuse the world over, and how to use legal and political systems to do this. Of course we still do this. If there is any doubt as to whether many whites in the South still want their slaves, you should just ask them. They will tell you. It’s no secret. Many blacks want (and get) their slaves too. People have not evolved that much.

All these evils exist everywhere, all the world over. Human exploitation and oppression is a extreme human problem. As an African-American, I happen to know the insides and outs of that particular kind of oppression, and because I do, I can recognize the same tactics being utilized all over the world.

Like with the untouchables in India, for example. That cast system has been in place for millennia — and certainly it would take a whole lot more than a few laws passed here and there to have any impact on those systems that have been in place for so long, without any real challenge.

I fail to see the point of denying these real human problems that are evident the entire world over. But if Svetlana Voreskova wants to construct a world of fantasy, where she can dismiss and minimize these real world problems, and act as if history has no influence or impact on the present, that’s her prerogative. (Strange approach for a “historian” but whatever.) A lot of people need to escape this reality. It is a bit much to take.

As for me, I know my own personal history. My family’s legacy with slavery, the oppressive tactics and techniques that exist in America to this day, that keep most black Americans oppressed. And you’re right John Hopkins about activist being in the minority. Every time activists pop up, they are viciously targeted, maligned, sabotaged and ultimately killed, one way or another, so very few are willing to walk that path. And why does this repeatedly happen to activists? Even activists who are so clearly pro-peace and pose no threat to anyone. John Lennon for example. The only threatening thing about him was his idea that we should give peace a chance…and yet that idea will not go away. Killing him only seemed to make it grow stronger.

Activists are viciously attacked for the purpose of keeping things status quo. To keep the division and oppression going for the benefit of a few. But this tactic is no longer working. There are just too many activists now, about too many things. Don’t no where it’s headed, but it’s not likely to be silenced anytime soon.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!