Fracking with the CIA is a very, very dangerous game for anyone to play, even Trump and if anyone can overturn an election over here, the CIA can. JFK played games with the CIA and was assassinated. CIA is gangsta, and not feeling whatever the thing is with Trump and the Russians.

No one really knows what it is, with Trump and Putin, but it does have a lot of people looking at Trump funny, because anyone with a working brain knows that Trump will pimp America out to Russia if it involves a payday for him.

And anyone can point to how crooked Hillary is…it doesn’t matter. Trump is just as crooked, if not more so. He is the president elect and he is the one playing games with The CIA, which is very dangerous for him.

Russian hacks and hactivists have every reason to infiltrate American elections, American finances, American political systems, American internal and international conflicts, you name it. They have created an industry around this. The CIA is not amused. Neither am I. Take your posts for example: you attack Muslims for threatening a European way of life, because they expose Europeans to their religion and customs.

And yet, that is exactly what you are up to, posting the things that you do, commenting on American politics as an outsider, stirring the pot in an attempt to stroke the flames of divisiveness that can bring about the destruction of America; and our necessary embrace of multiculturalism. You shove the soft white supremacy and anti liberalism propaganda down the throat of any American who will listen. This is an attempt to destroy us from within.

You are all the way over in Europe, why do you care? Who we vote for? What our political dialogues are about?

Unfortunately, not actually being physically over here, you have no idea how these tactics actually play out. Many of these white Americans who voted for Trump are stuck in dying communities that were built around dying or dead industries that are plagued by drug epidemics. How does your propaganda help these people? It doesn’t.

But you know what does? Progressive social policies actually have been keeping those communities afloat. Trump is getting rid of most of that. These people and their communities are going to suffer horribly as a result, as he dismantles all the institutions that they have come to rely heavily upon to survive.

Clearly America is not Eastern Europe, nor is it Western Europe, though its political systems mirror the west as opppossed to the east’s.

And given Eastern Europe’s track record on human rights, no American is interested in following those political systems and yet, it seems that Russian hackers are attempting, to destabilize our political systems in the same way that theirs have been for forever. I don’t know why any American would listen to anything any Eastern European has to say about politics. That way of life is much harder than anything going on in America, for the most part. The politics are far more brutal. We do not want that over here.

And yet Russian hackers want to bring it. They want to destroy our strong democratic processes and empower dictators who terrorize and kill minorities, because I guess misery loves company. “Ethnic cleansing” is the Eastern European euphemism for murder, without reason and everywhere. We do not want this in America.

And I ask my fellow Americans engaging with these Eastern Europeans online, to ask yourself, What do they want? Why do they even care about what goes on over here? Our race relations? Our diversity. Our multiculturalism. How does that affect any of them in any way?

What goes on over here between us has zero impact on any of them. Why are they so interested? Why do they seem to love Trump so? Do you really believe any Russian gives a damn about any American’s wellbeing? Come on! Like most in the world, these people resent us at best and passionately hate us, at worst…but most likely are looking for a way to profit off of our internal weaknesses. And who can blame them? I don’t, but yet and still, I’m not going to be a mark for this particular con game.

There are entire Russian corporations dedicated to hacking into American information systems and infrastructures. Only an idiot would believe that Russians did not influence our election. They definitely did. That is old news. The curious thing, though, is why is the CIA making a stink about it now? Trump is not getting in line, I suspect.

Behind all this chaos and endless misinformation and distraction is the real truth. And people are waking up to it. A very small percent of the global population is pulling the strings when it comes to global economic, political and environmental policies. The divide and conquer, bread and circus tactics that have been in play for forever, are really old and tired. Millions see through it and billions will follow. That old political paradigm is on it’s deathbed, and those holding on to it will be left behind in more ways than one.


Working with the Light!

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