From lots of real and honest conversations with white people who tell me how they really feel. It’s the kind of conversations that white peoples have with each other…I don’t like black peoples because…and the list is endless.

Why do you want to pretend like, millions of whites aren’t extremely racist? For the life of me, I don’t see the point of that silly mind game, but it’s fascinating.

Trump supporters are extremely racist…and having voted for Obama doesn’t change that.

It’s like saying, sure I killed that black man, because I saw him and he scared me…but I’m not racist…I have a black friend (who is actually biracial but whatever.)

Racism is complicated; and it’s quite normal for most white Americans to be racist…they’ve been taught to be almost all their lives. So no judgment about it…what I want to know is why is it so important for y’all not to be? This is what is going on with y’all who don’t want to address racism:

We want to do horrible things to black people…but we don’t want to talk about the horrible things done to black people in this country, because it makes us feel bad! And we don’t want to be called racist!

No matter how much I am complicit in black people being enslaved, maimed, hurt, lynched, targeted, profiled-not racist!

Don’t you See how psychotic this is? You can’t have it both ways.

If the above views are your own (and I suspect they are) You are quite racist.

Doing one nice thing, for one quasi-black person (voting for Obama) does not make someone an anti-racist. Watching Oprah doesn’t make you not racist. Loving Michael Jordan or Lebron James or Kobe Bryant does not make not racist.

These are really dumb, dumb, dumb idiotic things to say in defense of non racism.

Spending real time, with real black people, (not celebrities) with an open heart, inside their culture (like Eminem) will make you a little less racist. Not much else will.

If you want to be racist, be racist…people who need to know (people of color) see through you all day everyday. You are lying to yourself about racism because you think racism is “bad” and you don’t want to be “bad.”

This is a silly, simple stupid way, to think about racism. It’s far more complicated than that. It is normal for white Americans to be racist, hell it is normal for everyone to be racist. That’s a place to start, any real conversation on race.

But that’s not the conversation you want to have. This is:

White people are great, amazing and exceptional people who do great and wonderful things and are not racist! WE ARE NEVER RACIST!

We even let a black man be president! But not a real black man…a half black man, cause you know a real black man would have been too much! But that’s not racist! No, not at all, because everyone knows white people are just better. That’s just the way it is.*

*This is based on a real conversation, with a white person, being her truly honest, deeply racist self, and not having a clue about it.

That’s where I get this stuff from. Any more questions?

Working with the Light!

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