Funny…and true. But does it really matter anymore? The narrative is clearly out of control…there is soooooooooo much misinformation, flooding every conceivable outlet…there’s absolutely no way to find the truth anymore, needle in a haystack…no worse, a grain of sand at the bottom of the deepest depths of the ocean -truth is in the abyss. Will we ever know what is really going down? No! Just because we know what isn’t true, gives us absolutely no insight into what is.

Alternative media often goes down some crazy ass rabbit holes- QAnon got Trump as the savior of the world…and every heavyweight in the political establishment going to prison…like everyday!!


Everday Q fans are claiming, “the cabal is going down…the indictments are going out!” Cause they really seem to think Trump — who barely reads- is some how masterminding some 5D investigative game of Chess…that results in him collecting enough evidence on these extremely powerful “could-buy-as-much-reasonable-doubt-never-ever-gonna-be-convicted-of A-gdamn-thing” political players to lock them up.

Trump and Q are locking up the Clintons, the Obamas, the McCains, the Biden’s, the Bushes-they really lost their shit over some alleged envelopes at Bush Sr.’s funeral. Like really?


It’s sheer fantasy. And yet, millions of coo-coo for coco puffs Trumpsters believe, with a faith that is reserved for the deeply religious and/or pathologically, certifiably insane, that this is going down.

They post daily on YouTube. I know, because these nutter-butters identify as “spiritual” and get into my stream…which is all zen and calm and peace meditation.

The QAnon count themselves among the spiritually awakened. How you gone be spiritual when you sitting around scheming, plotting, salivating over someone else’s prison sentence?

That so defeats the point of most serious spiritual pursuits…but anyway…my point is that particular narrative as kooky as it is, has gained so much traction, I can’t escape it…even though I’m just trying to do my daily meditations.

Millions of people believe it…no convincing them it ain’t the truth. Every time Q says “boo” they act like God is talkin…I can’t imagine a more out of control narrative than this.

Upside? Establishment fake news is not winning. For one? They got nothing on fake news Q…who is revered!

Working with the Light!

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