Funny, cause rumors have it Trump was doing the same thing, with the Clintons as they both had some kind of relationship with Jerry Epstein, the alleged peadophile ring runner for America’s rich and powerful. Trump has been accused of raping a 13 year old, as well.

Though the Clintons hands are dirty, Trump’s are not clean either. All are extremely corrupt, but they like different flavors of corruption- except when it came to paedophilia. They all are rumored to have an appetite for that.

Ask yourself, why is that? What is that about? Both candidates with such sick skeletons? Why didn’t these ever get dragged out of the closet for either one? I just find it strange that both candidates had such horrible rumors and associations with regard to the rape of 13 year olds, and neither was ever required to answer for any of it.

Why? I have posed this question to several different people and no one can provide a response. So I’m going to try to answer this question myself. People are so into their partisan politics, that they will just refuse to deal with evidence about their candidate doing something really atrocious and indefensible.

There is no defense for raping children, although Clinton constructed an effective one. Trump has been accused of doing just that, but we’ve heard so little about either of these things.

Why did mainstream media ignore these stories? Could it be that paedophilia is just a thing among the rich and powerful, and exposing Trump and Clinton could lead to exposing everybody, like the paedophilia ring in the U.K.? I mean think about it, if this was going on in the U.K., why wouldn’t it be happening here in America? (A paedophilia ring being run for use exclusively by the rich and powerful).

Both Clintons and Trump have connections to this Jerry Epstein. They both attended parties at his estate that were rumored to be orgies with the underaged providing sexual services. Would you defend Trump on any of this? I’m curious. I just want to see if you can do it. Someone tried to make me defend HRC on this issue and I could not do it. Soooooo, here’s a little advice:

If you want to be a good Trump defender, don’t mention the paedophilia at all. That is a glass-house-stone-throwing mistake that I don’t think you want to make. There are allegations out there that cannot be defended and you don’t want to draw anymore attention to them.

After all, Clinton lost. But Trump is the president elect, and having these kinds of rumors circulating about a president elect…just wow. At least with Bill Clinton, no one knew about his sexual misconduct until he was deep in office. Not so with Trump.

So don’t throw that stone, from this white glass house.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!