Funny how you feel free to speak for all white people, and this just isn’t true. This statement in and of itself is incredibly racist, and its is racist against white people. There are plenty of white people who think about nonwhite people, almost all the white people, who I consider my true friends, and I have quite a few, think about black and brown people. My biracial cousin, who is married to a white man, and has children who look completely white, think about black and brown people and the systematic racism they face, more than almost all the black people I do know.

George Mason, a founding father, and the real author of the US constitution and Bill of Rights, was an abolitionists, who hated slavery and REFUSED to sign the constitution, which he had written, because the other founding fathers would not eliminate slavery.

He was conveniently written out of US History everywhere except Virginia, where he lived and made so much happen — and so I say all of that to say this- there have always been and always will be kind, decent, moral, truly upstanding white people who will acknowledge systematic racism and speak out against the horror that it is and continues to be. What you need to state, very clearly, is that YOU are not one of them. But certainly such whites do exist. Don’t be so arrogant as to speak for all white people, all over the world. There are plenty who acknowledge the existence of racism and speak out against it. Always have been and always will be. Because there will always be good, kind and decent people in every race and every religion and in every corner of the earth. You can’t kill God, as much as you might like to.

Now as for blacks and nonwhites imagining racism, the it is all in their head, here so think you’re trying to make some kind of metaphysical argument along the lines of Einstein’s “reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

And so yes, it is true that it is possible to recognize the illusory nature of all of reality and transcend it. I will give you that it is possible. But most ordinary people, of any race, are unable to do this; so attacking black people exclusively for being unable to transcend the illusion is disingenuous at best, incredibly racist at worst.

I personally don’t rent my head space to any damn body. I am totally free inside my mind, and therefore all other manner of places. But I recognize that I am atypical.

Inside of this illusion that we call reality, there are all kind of horrors that people ascribe to, and as long as we are playing that game, I am going to point out and speak out against particular horrors that are plaguing other people. In America today, I don’t like the way people are being treated. I will speak out against inhuman treatment against anyone, and, unlike you, it doesn’t matter to me what their identity politics are, not treating people decently is wrong. It is real simple. Enslaving them, destroying their families and targeting their communities for elimination -wrong. This has happened in America not only with black people, but all kinds of minorities who have become unpopular during a certain time period.

It is wrong. And yet racism or tribalism provides a justification for these sorts of antics time and time again. The behavior is really base. This is how the ape-monkey chimp brain works, it should not be how the human brain works.

And the more I look around the more I see that this is the real problem, not race, or religion or tribe, or any socio-political system. But all the people who refuse to evolve beyond their stupid ape brains. People who absolutely refuse to use an extra 2% of brain power to effectively solve problems and revert to running around screeching like the chimp, throwing rocks at the others, beating the chest, scratching themselves, it is all so primitive.

And that is where half of the country is and they are taking the other half with them. And this is how wars start. This is beyond stupid.

You go through a lot of mental gymnastics in your post to essentially say racism doesn’t exist. Whatever. I don’t care that you think that. I find it amusing; and you are just reinforcing everything that I just said.

People like you will do anything to avoid acknowledging the existence of a problem that has plagued America from the very start…was the main factor to cause one of the wars to take place on our own soil…the Civil war. I guess that doesn’t exist either. The civil war that was largely about the slaves — that never happened, huh?

Did you know that the state of Mississippi just abolished slavery in 2013? Sure the federal government did this years ago, in 1863 to be exact, but Mississippi? Not so much.

And The state of Mississippi is what, exactly? Not racist, right? But Marxist, or some other such insanity. They are Marxist, because hey, they abolished slavery, some 100 or so years after the rest of the country.

And yet Racism doesn’t exist…nice little fantasy for someone who has no desire to take any responsibility for reality, albeit illusory in nature. Meanwhile another illusory civil war is about to breakout and we keep ding the same stupid, stupid stuff over and over again.

Racism largely doesn’t bother me, because I do think differently than most people-and yet that definitely bothers all the racist minds I encounter, who want me to scrape and bow and pretend to be less than I am because I am black and female. To play a part that I refuse to play in this illusory constructed reality.

And if your mind was as powerful as you claim others should be (all those blacks who need to just ignore all the systemic racism directed at them) then, racism wouldn’t bother you either.

Because you would realize in this illusory reality, blacks have no power over you, so why does one of them talking about the existence of racism seemingly irritate you so much? Why rent me space in YOUR head? Why argue about racism at all? Why feel the need to arrogantly speak for all white people on this topic, when, I know for a fact, quite a few have no desire to have someone like you speaking for them. The fact that you are so deeply motivated to draw such stark lines between white and black (which don’t and have never existed in this country) show me that you are quite the racist, and like the devil, what better way for you to revel in your racism by convincing everyone it doesn’t exist?

And the whole targeting of other white people who want to discuss racism? That is very, very KKK. What next? Do you want to burn down their houses too? They’re traitors right? Traitors to their race. That whole concept is extraordinarily racist. And the fact that you can get a bunch of extraordinarily racist people to sign off on your post, just shows how real racism is in America to this day.

And so…yeah racism is as common as pollution; and very similar in nature. It spreads and it’s toxicity will ultimately kill us all.

Seems like this conversation about racism is a conversation you are not ready and are unwilling to have, though.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!