Funny! Thanks for the summary of your rather extensive response/critique/criticism of this article.

Some of it is to be expected- especially the “lay people don’t really understand science! This is pop culture science!”

Yes, I agree. I stated early in this article, I am not a quantum physicist- don’t ask me too much about any details. If you insist, and it seems that you do, that my assertions about particles and waves are incorrect, all I can say is “Okay. That may be the case. However there are quantum physicists who do contend that this is so, it makes sense to me, so I’m going to roll with it.”

Because really, for any lay person, science, much like religion is a leap of faith. I don’t have an atom smasher at my house. I can’t smash atoms up and observe whether they are waves or particles. I just have to believe what I am being told by people who claim to have done such things- and I am well aware that different branches of science claim to observe different things, and have different theories and explanations regarding the same experiments and outcomes. I don’t care to get bogged down in such disputes, because for me it is almost beyond the point.

What I believe is going to create what is real for me. So really what the scientists actually think and what the preachers think as well, is largely irrelevant to me. (And oh how they all hate that…the idea, anyone’s beliefs are going to be independent of a particular influence that they might want to capture people with.)

I would add that scientists don’t really understand science! And scientists much like clergy, have all of their differing battling sects, lobbying and jockeying for position and power — and they are, all of them, everywhere, trying to describe and manipulate what we all agree to term “reality.”

So I guess what I find most perplexing, and perhaps also contradictory, is your insistence that science cannot do this. Maybe not, but isn’t that what science attempts — to define, measure, observe, quantify, manipulate and report upon reality? And I will be the first to admit the tools and methods of both of these warring factions — science and clergy, are quite crude, but they at least give us all a place to start.

I feel like you are saying to me, “You don’t get it! You’re only capable of simple addition. Whereas I understand quadratic equations, and I’m telling you, this is a bunch of nonsense!”

My response is, okay Mr. quadratic equations, maybe what I’m saying doesn’t fit inside your world view based on the information and knowledge you have collected over the course of a lifetime, but you don’t know everything. So many mysteries out there — and maybe I’m arriving at a solution that is easily arrrived at by people who understand the math that is more advanced than both arithmetic and calculus. I don’t quite know how to solve this problem- I can’t show my work, and yet and still, I’m getting a result. This is how I feel about LoA.

People develop worldviews, cling tightly to them, and create realities that largely work for them…until they don’t. Then they change their views, and their reality changes with them. I am in the process of changing my worldview, and incorporating LoA into it, is probably going to be a part of it. I can honestly say I’m not sure. If I decide, “hey this was all just a bunch of nonsense, like Mr. Quadratic equations said!” I will let you know. (Or I will at least write an update article.)

Working with the Light!

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