George Orwell’s 1984, Was it Fiction?

Or A Playbook for the Creation of Our Current World?

Unsplash: Denys Nevozhai

The International Scene Looks Too Much Like 1984’s Dystopia

Caitlin Johnstone’s Imperialist Run the Same Tired Old Script Day After Motherfucking Day describes Orwell’s dystopia:

The Playbook for Dystopia Creation

This is very 1984. And when you really start to consider it, it is downright odd our current reality mirrors 1984:

Talking Like a Toddler — Not Thinking At All

How close are we to 1984? Freakishly close! Someone even pointed out that Donald Trump’s vocabulary and style is bizarrely similar to New Speak. New Speak was the language that the brainwashed and dumb-downed masses were allowed to speak in 1984. It was an extremely limited version of English. things were “double ungood!” The word “bad” was forbidden.

Working with the Light!

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