Getting Diversity right is proven to make corporations a lot of money, which is the only reason it’s a thing. Because it does, (make a lot of money) it is not going to go anywhere. Every corporation wants to have the thing, that is seen as being the latest and greatest in money-making and management.

Despite that fact, corporations spend millions on “diversity and inclusion” and typically get it way, way, way wrong. And probably waste to more money than they save. At most corporations, “diversity and inclusion” is a sham…everyone knows it, but it is politically incorrect to say so.

Getting diversity right requires drastically changing old systems — and the techies love to talk about diversity, but for the most part. They create the same old tired systems.

There is this: people like being around people who are similar to them. There is no getting around it. A certain type of white male, gets very loud and belligerent at the prospect of having to share any type of space, time or resources with anyone other than a white male, of that exact same personality type.

(Implemented a diversity program in aviation…so I know of what I speak.) But generally everyone resists diversity. It is complicated. It is messy. It causes conflict.

People who can successfully navigate diverse populations are very valuable to corporations. It is like the difference between having one skill and twenty. Those who can only work with one type of person…the one just like them, are a fine a dozen…no make that a penny. There is very little use for such limited skills at high levels. Everyone at the top of an organization understands the need to leverage diversity. Still they often fail to do it. It is very difficult.

Diversity is not about race or gender…which are dimensions of diversity, two — out of an infinite freaking number. And they are pretty shallow dimensions of diversity at that. Race and gender tell you virtually nothing about a person, or whether the person is a good fit for a particular team or department or company.

Personality indicators-like Myers Briggs- is going to be a far more useful indicator of whether a team is diverse.

If you want to make diversity just about race or gender (and a lot of people do) you are utterly clueless about what diversity really is all about, and clearly it is pointless to rail against something that you have no understanding of.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!