Given the current dialogue about Trumpcare, it’s not. And I agree, initially Obamacare was a disaster. A 10,000 page document that no one could understand. It had some pretty crazy clauses within that just made no sense, Cadillac taxes and bizarre penalties to punish people for being to poor for healthcare, WTF?

But then there’s Trumpcare, a plan that says, too poor for health insurance? Screw you and Just die please. The crazy ironic part about it? Who does it hit hardest? Trump supporters! Double WTF???? Seriously?!?!? Seriously!!! This bill totally screws over the Trump base! Trump is asked about it, by Tucker Carlton, specifically mentioning that the bill actually puts money in back in a lot of pockets of Hillary Supporters, and Trump’s all like, “yeah I know. I know.” He said it TWICE!!!!!

Okay…okay so Trump supporters please help me understand your logic. Your president, your party, puts a bill on the table that totally screws you over and actually favors the supporters of the opposing party, quite a bit!

Your response is what? Come on die hard Trump supporters! Let me hear how wonderful Trump is doing! Let’s hear about how it is totally awesome that he is (LITERALLY) going to let his supporters die, while at the same time putting money into Dems pockets. Is this what you really thought you were voting for? Is the way Trump makes America great again, is by killing his supporters off? I hate to say, I told you so. (No, I don’t. I’m actually kind of satisfied at being handed such blatant proof, so early in the administration, that this was the plan all along.)

And if you are a Trump supporter (and truly I am just curious) can you honestly say that his plans to kill you off, while enriching members of a political party you despise, is okay with you?

A lot of Trump supporters said, um yeah we know he’s not going to help us, really, we don’t care. We just like that he’s so anti-establishment. He will go to Washington and show those elites! Well, if showing them means putting money in their pockets while taking it out of yours, while leaving you to die, I guess.

I mean just wow.

And I neglected to mention that at least half of your party is agitated that the ACHA fails to have actual assassins to come and slash your throats and throw you in a dumpster when you get sick (okay I’m joking, but not really.) A lot of Republicans want the legislation to be even further reversed- and I can’t imagine what that could be, except having assassins slit your throats when you get sick. Seriously.

Seriously, the bill is the antithesis of healthcare. I read these things, because I happen to think it matters, and this bill should just be called, everyone should die when they get sick and let that be the end of it.

It’s awful. It’s a bill that actual makes Obamacare seem decent and kind — and it was and continues to be a hot mess, still 20 times better than this death trap Trump and Ryan are peddling.


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