Go ahead and counter it, if you have the facts to do so. I won’t call you racist, but I will silently observe a racist mind struggling ferociously to come to terms with so much that threatens it’s existence.

It’s quite the show, here in America. Watching an ideology crumble and the people who have benefitted from that ideology for so long, moan and gasp and fight as if their very lives depended upon…and of course they believe that they do.

But here is what’s really up…the powers that be don’t care to tell the white supremacy lies to the American white masses anymore. They’ve moved on to something else that they find far more useful and enticing, multiculturalism. It’s quite the money maker. I’m not all that excited about any of it, cause quite frankly I see it for what it is…same ish, different colors. But I suppose, it’s a very unsettling feeling to see the rainbow turning against you.

Working with the Light!

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