Good luck with that…I don’t think you’ve ever been to America however. If you had, you’d understand that you’re pushing up against some real deep and profound brainwashing, that can’t really be undone, I don’t think.

As an African-American, tied to the urban underclass, they never bothered much with trying us, cause we were always considered disposable. Not the targets of this brainwashing.

As an African-American in the middle class, I can tell you that this brainwashing RUNS DEEP. I’ll be surprised if you get many claps for this one. But, in the middle class, in school, you have to salute the flag, praise the flag, damn near worship the flag, and be treated as a pariah, should you refuse.

You got some heart even going here…for most Americans it’s like going for the jugular. Seriously, Caitlin, this one takes some big, big, BIG balls…even for you…

Much respect and mad props.

And…watch your back. I’m concerned if you keep this up we won’t be hearing from you for much longer.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!