Good luck with that...white people...especially American white people, run from the truth about the fallacies surrounding race like it is the FUCKING plague. They love the American white mythology which is this:

YOU are so SPECIAL just because you are WHITE!


You really don’t have to do anything much at all…Except BE WHITE!

Oh American white people lap those lies up! They love them!

Especially the men...the women? Not so much...they are fucking slaves...and so brainwashed, they don’t even see their damn cages...well they are golden...and they do so love them golden cages....and its been a good 1000 years of mindfucking that keeps them serenely inside of them.

But I don’t think white women are alone in this...I think this is the plight of ALL women....the world all over...and that’s something we REALLY don’t discuss... nonwhite people will talk about race, with extraordinary insight and acute perception and adept observation...but the BULL SHIT that HALF the HUMAN POPULATION had been subjected to? For millenium? Not so much...AFRICA has had cultures that our matrilineal...and over here in Black America, they are too…cause whitey killed off all the men, and so the women had no choice but to HOLD IT DOWN.

Well I could go one...this is truly a fascinating topic to me...but already...I have said too much.

Working with the Light!

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