Good summary. Yeah that’s it. People are awake. People are awake the world over and the Pentagon is losing it’s shit.

Pentagon: “Everyone knows we lie, kill and pointlessly destroy things. Solution? More ferociously lie, kill and pointlessly destroy things.”

That’s the gist…doesn’t sound like much of a plan. But take the study. How did it even get out in the mainstream feeds? Who knows. They are right, though, the jig is up.

Now that Caitlin Johnstone has gone viral with her neoconservative hatefest, I expect more journalists will do the same.

The truth is out there…like really out there…and I just don’t see how they’re gonna get that genie back in the bottle. But, they’re gonna try, revving up to ram a bunch of lies and propaganda down everyone’s throats. I just don’t think it’s gonna take though.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!