Gotta have those babies so the Catholic Church can pedo them, right?

The last institution I wanna hear from, regarding child welfare, is the creepy pedo Catholic Church…Ugh! Scandal after scandal after pedo scandal…and y’all have the audacity to try and take the high moral ground on abortion?

Nothing says faithful Catholic like turning a blind eye to institutionalized rape and exploitation of children around the globe. Ugh!

Honestly? Abortion is kinder and gentler than Catholicism’s rampant pedaphilia that damages these souls for life.

I mean it’s all horrorific, but don’t try to act like this is an institution that gives a damn about women or children beyond having a steady source of bodies to rape, molest, exploit and otherwise torture.

Individuals who happen to be Catholic probably believe they are involved in something good and meaningful, and climb up onto that high horse full of confidence based on a deep misunderstanding of an what this Church actually represents. The Catholic Church is gangster at best, evil and satanic at worst, and is in no position to point fingers, at even the most immoral of actions.

We can talk about the immorality of abortion, after every victim of Catholic Church pedaphilia is made whole. This should clean out the basement of the Vatican, and eliminate it all together. After all of its sins and crimes against children, God and nature, this institution should not even exist! But to the extent that it does, it has no moral authority to preach any damn thing to anyone. Just stop it.

Working with the Light!

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