Great questions…and no one has any answers. Someone who has some of the best insight into this on Medium? John Hopkins, because he gets the whole psychological con game that Trump is playing. I asked him, how is this going to end up? He said, there is just no telling…a corrupt upstart trying to bumrush a corrupt establishment. Both sides are corrupt! The base of neither side recognizes it’s own sides corruption.

I also like John’s perspective because he’s not American so he has that whole on the outside looking in thing going for him. When you talk to Americans about Trump or Obama or Either of the Clintons or Either of the Bushes (not to mention Reagan) Americans have all this baggage and crazy mythology that they are hauling with them. Someone not toting all of that can at least side step some of the confirmation bias/cognitive dissonance because they are not entrenched into any of our idiotic political world views. Americans, are, now more than ever, waking up to the fact that none of these politicians or parties are serving us well. More than anything Trump represents a desire for something else. He provides that, but what he is selling is not much better and arguably even worse than what we had before.

Trump is not changing the way I see reality, Trump is causing me to question it’s illusory nature. Trump is making me realize I can see whatever I want as reality. Why not? He does it. It works for him. He doesn’t like the current media criticism he is facing, so he runs out, books him an auditorium full of adoring fans. That is the reality he wants to live in.

Well I want to live in a different sort of reality- and I do! Do you know how many adoring Trump fans I have met? Zero; and I don’t expect to meet any anytime soon. How can this be? I live in America after all. Trump would have the world believing that everyone here adores him! That is his reality. But it is not mine, nor is it millions of others.

Realities are colliding and Trump is not the cause, but an effect of shifts…huge shifts, I’d say, in human consciousness.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!