Ha,ha! Because I am! I have no desire to write about politics as a journalist. I am not holding myself out as that. I basically read an article, it might not even be the whole article, and I just vent in the comment section.

But there are things that I do seriously want to write about it. Not politics. I largely don’t believe in politics. I believe it’s too corrupt, at this point.

But my venting, asking people questions, provoking, seeing how people respond to different tactics and information, that’s addictive to me. I come here to see how people think about the world around them. I try to see it from everyone’s perspective. So yeah, that puts me all over the place.

But, obviously when it comes to writing, I do have trouble focusing. I don’t even want to write about politics, so I have got to get out of these political feeds.

Working with the Light!

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