Ha, ha, ha! It really does…and honestly, I think that the millenials, (maybe even my generation-Gen X) will end up in the matrix.

The sci-if writers have done an extraordinarily good job of predicting what the technology does in the future. Ray Bradbury, one of my favorites, had the virtual reality and smart houses predicted way back in the sixties! How did he do it???

David Mitchell, another one of my favorites, has accurately predicted, I think, the entire rise and fall of our current situation, in Cloud Atlas, with us kicking into high gear in the 1800s (industry/slavery) reaching a summit in the late 1900s and early 2000s, (nuclear power/clone technology) and on the deep decline in the 2100s (WWIII has occurred and apparently only parts of Asia will be inhabitable at that time, and run entirely by corporations, that only employ genetically engineered clones. Sounds about right, don’t you think?)

And, in the 2400s, it is back to the primitive drawing board all around, with everyone in dirt huts and sticks and stones, just like Einstein predicted.

There are a handful of technological savy leftovers who have space ships and are trying to get off the planet because it is so toxic. The others don’t know anything else so they just die off young on toxic planet earth. About half of them are cannibals…sigh.

Meanwhile, today, here in the US, on the east coast, I am surrounded by military bases. Every so often at Quantico, which is about 10 miles up the highway, they do something that, shakes my entire neighborhood. (And all the rest between here and Quantico) They don’t say what. They sell it to us as “freedom quakes.” Do you believe that? Freedom quakes!

They are quaking us today. It’s quite annoying. What could they possibly be doing that causes my entire house — all 300o square feet of it, to tremble as if it will fall? And the scary part about it? We don’t really question this. They tell us it is for our own good, and we just accept it. Freedom quakes…the matrix indeed.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!