Ha, ha, ha! A lot of these people are before my time, to be fair. It’s like the time one of my student’s told me that Stevie Wonder had died. I was all like, he did? What? When did this happen? And then he was like, oh, I meant Ray Charles. I’m thinking who in the world confuses those two? Totally different musicians- but both blind, both black and both born decades before my student, so of course he confuses them.

Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald…um yeah, similar first names, both before my time! But yeah… I love that “At Last.”

Big Band is waaaaaaaaay to old school for me to relate to. All I wanna here from that generation is “sandman” and “Mack the Knife.” I know everyone was ga ga over Sinatra, but, he’s too old school for me. Sammy Davis too, I look at him and think what a weirdo!

But actually that’s what I love about Hip-hop…the artists would take all those old classics- and I mean even Sinatra and Fitzgerald and the Beatles and Beethoven and whatever music they could get their hands on -put a hip- hop beat to it, and make it new again. You can listen to all kinds of music via hip-hop. And there are actually all kinds of hip-hop artists all over the world these days, doing all kinds of hip-hop in Germany, France, Bangladesh you name it.

In America, however, hip-hop is dead. It’s sad. Something killed all that creativity. Hip-hop was assasinated because it talks too much.

Jazz, doesn’t have to worry about that. Even if it is talking, black America is not listening. For that reason, Jazz will be safe.

Jazz is, I understand extraordinarily creative and apparently subversive. I never could understand that until you pointed out the role it played in WWII and beyond.

Ironically, even though there are so many black Jazz musicians, it tends to be an art form that white people enjoy and engage with far more so than blacks, but that is true of much of the fine arts. Jazz is something I want to engage with and be knowledgeable about, but no one I know knows too much about it. So thank you for educating me. I truly appreciate it!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!