Ha, ha, ha! I guess that’s why I never gave a damn…or one red cent to Victoria’s Secret! I guess that’s why I laughed so hard when I heard this comedian blab, “What is Victoria’s Secret? That she’s a slut?” I found that so funny that a repeated that on heavy rotation until someone told me, (I believe it was a lesbian friend of mine) “No. Her Secret is that she’s a man.”

Well duh. Then it all began to make sense. Victoria’s Secret was soft porn. Ever notice how the Victoria’s Secret catalogue also appealed to men? How they too desperately wanted to view those images? But this porn was all women funded. And women were paying very nicely, for it. That Victoria! What a deeply clever misogynistic fellow! He mainstreamed soft porn! And got women to pay him handsomely for it!!!!!

But not me…I was always like, “fuck Victoria’s Secret.” It never appealed to me. Too damn pricey for one thing. Ain’t that much lace or silk in the world to take up that much of my paycheck.

I’ve always been smart enough not to fall for this dumb, dumb, dumb, capitalist shit where a company — like Nike for example- tells you what you need to do, how you need to do it, and oh, by the way, spend hundreds, no make that thousands on our products…that we produce for pennies…if you don’t include the advertising budget where they are brainwashing the hell out of ya…like Mike….yeah right!!!!!!

No truly self reflective American wants to be a huge dark-skinned black male…even if he is an athletic genius, cause there’s a lot of baggage that comes with that, like the potential to be shot down dead in the streets on a cop’s whim, and if not for the fame, Mike likely would have met that fate…look what happened to his dad.

But I digress…my point is the fact that these companies are unable to brainwash these millennials the way they attempted (and succeeded) in brainwashing many from my generation is truly delightful!

Yes…instead of spending billions trying to convince people who to be, they should be spending billions celebrating who we are…that could actually be quite useful. If done right, That could actually change the world for the better.

Working with the Light!

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