Ha, ha, ha! You talk a good game Estwald, I’ll give you that! And, I’ll never win any rhetorical arguments with you, you ju jitsu, too damn much, and I’m not about to intellectually exhaust myself chasing after you.

I just dig your style. I think it’s sophisticated and clever. If I ever wanted to Cheshire someone (and, I have my moments, sometimes I do) I will try to channel you, and do this thing that you do where you say exactly what you mean, without saying it at all. It’s quite a skill you know.

Yes, I make assumptions; and yes, I could be wrong. But, I’m probably not. And, if I’m not there are quite a few things that are off, with valuing women (or men) for sex only. My basic premise is that both genders need to contribute equally to a functioning society, and when that’s not happening the society is imbalances highly. Like a yin-yang, that’s all yin…or all yang…either way it’s fucking ugly, cause it lacks that perfect symmetry.

Like it or not, that’s where we’re at, however we got there. And as for men or women, it’s like Israel and Palestine-go ahead and try to figure out who fucked over who first…it’s fucking impossible. And…don’t seem like a resolution is on the horizon in the near future, or the far one. I’m just saying…

Working with the Light!

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