Ha, ha, ha! Me too! If only I decided! That would be awesome! I would replace our oligarchy mascarading as a functional democracy with an organic, spiritually based, telepathically associated web of communities. The sort of thing that Joe Brewer writes about. I think he’s going in the right direction.

I think Mike Meyer has his finger on what’s going down now, and what’s to come. (It ain’t pretty.) A one world government that includes the haves, and gives a big mighty middle finger to the have nots. Now, this is yet a ways off, but I think I am going to live to see it in it’s earliest stages.

Sooooo, since all I know is degradation of the current system, I have to allow my mind to run wild to conjure a replacement. This is going to sound sci-fi ish, but you asked! So here’s what my imagination came up with:

Since the have nots are going to be excluded, if you think you are going to be a have not (and unless you’re a millionaire you probably are) you need to consider what is going to work for you. For me? Simple, spiritually based living. I want to live in an intentional community that grows it’s own organic food and lives by a set of spiritual laws that the community members would never consider transgressing.

I know it sounds ridiculously pie in the sky. I know. But like you I am hopeful. I feel like human consciousness is expanding for many ( though for most it seems not nearly enough) .

My hope is that human consciousness expands to the point that we figure out how to live, in harmony with the earth, while figuring out how to really be of service to humanity. For example, we need a lot of healers — not doctors- healers!

Obviously, we need a lot of genius farmers if we are going to figure out how to feed people life — instead of death. (Our entire agricultural system is like eating death. Here, why don’t you go ahead and take an extra helping of death on your plate-or chicken from Popeyes same/ same.)

We need teachers- metaphysical teachers who teach useful stuff, meditation 101, manifesting 101, unconditional love 101, balancing your chakras and chi 101.

We need genius builders who will take all of the natural elements of the earth and work with it, not against it.

Hopefully, we will get rid of money entirely. I know it sounds awful, but really it’s not. There are plenty of communities still in existence that don’t touch it. These communities are extraordinarily primitive, usually, eeking out a basic existence from the earth. I don’t want that. I want that to the second power.

I want people to have everything they need, at their fingertips, because they know how to manifest it. I basically want people to start using 30% of their brain, (not 10%) in order to create the kind of reality they want. And, I want it to be so commonplace, no one even questions whether it can be done or how. It’s as simple as breathing, drinking and walking. Basically I want people to change. I want them to become the divine beings they were always meant to be.

I want them to vibrate out of the current paradigm that is s fear, lack and scarcity based. I want all the guns and bombs to just stop working. I want every soldier to say, war is not for me. I want violence to be an entirely foreign concept.

I want everyone one the planet to value life in all forms, and if every one can’t do that, I only want to be around people who do. I want to vibrate out.

I am waiting on critical mass…I think we could turn this thing around if enough people think it can be. And I am well aware, it probably wont happen in my lifetime or maybe not even until many, many lifetimes into the future. But, I am an infinite game player, so I can wait it out. Right now, I’m just a pioneer planting a seed in the extraordinary thing that is consciousness. It will grow…all we have is time.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!