Ha, ha, ha! How did I know you would pick this commentary up? Angry and bitter? Not exactly. Irritated. I get irritated when I come across discourse that insults my intelligence. You can try to tell me a lot of things, and most of them I will ignore. Just ignore. But when you start pissing off of roofs and insist that it’s raining, yeah I get pissy and say, “Excuse me, no! I can see your dick! Do you think I am really that stupid?”

Apparently, Frank Austin does. That’s what this post does, it really irritates me. I can ignore Trump’s tweets and I can ignore whatever dialogue or back tweets or whatever it was that got him tweeting in the first place. It’s all idiocy. But what I can’t stomach is long involved attempting to be serious discourse about it, cause I’m not an idiot!

But that is a separate issue from the racial stuff. I really don’t wanna get into with ya, man! But you wanna go there, so here we go!

Now you gotta admit, a lot of Pubs are angry white people and the only Pub PoCs are usually their lackeys. And…if from the South that’s a dynamic that’s comfortable for you, and I get it. But you gotta know that in other places in the US the racial dynamics are different- not necessarily better -but different.

Bessie Smith said it best: in the South, they don’t care how close you get, as long as you don’t get too Big…and in the North, they don’t care how Big you get as long as you don’t get too close!

That is true! I am from Cleveland! You can’t get too close!

Now, a South Carolina Pub has a sort of different motivation, than say a Wisconsin Pub, which is why the Pubs can’t all just get along. But the one thing they all got in common is a resistance to change that’s pathological; and that’s unfortunate because right now change is about all there is, to much to even account for.

The past twenty years America’s racial landscape has changed dramatically. Biggest thing is — it is not simply Black and White. We have Bobby Jindal’s now. He was once nonexistent in American politics.

So America, had it’s racial thing going, and it was all black v. White and, it was all South Africa, in that there was a very clear hierarchy, with regard to all of that and nowhere was that hierarchy very firmly and neatly in place than the South…where everyone knows “their place.” Cause man…is that ever a Southern thing…knowing ones place.

But all of that has been disrupted. No one knows of any places anymore…and this is how I see white America responding. Half of white America is like, no more places? Fine whatever. Let’s just roll with it. Obama for President? Okay cool. Like whatever. It’s a post racial society.

Now, that’s not true. But that’s what they believe. Those whites are Dems.

On the other hand, you have the Pubs…an entirely different kind of white folk. They believe in those places! And sure, you can hang out with them, just as long as you too, know your place. And you’re right. That’s very comfortable for some POC’s. So yeah there are Pubs of all colors, and especially with Trump, cause he’s got his own cult of personality thing going on.

Clarence Thomas is nothing but brittle bitterness, it’s clear in the sorts of decisions Scalia wrote and he copied, cause I guess Thomas was too intellectually stunted to come up with his own cruel jurisprudence.

I know you will not find this amusing, but I once wrote an article about Clarence Thomas’s confirmation that was entitled: The Supreme Court or Uncle Tom’s Cabin. I didn’t write that title, the editors did. But I got viciously attacked by the conservative campus paper for it.

That was fun! That was in college…and I’m sorry to say the man hasn’t changed a bit in nearly 30 years. He is the epitome of Uncle Tom foolery!

But..a lot of Pubs are just angry, bitter, frustrated whites, who have a lot of their identity, either consciously or subconsciously wrapped up in that. There are plenty who have their identity wrapped up in other stuff, like Christianity for example, but that also tracks closely to race. And yeah, they can certainly convince themselves, their politics have nothing to do with race, in fact most whites like that idea. My beliefs have nothing to do with race…but in America that’s largely impossible. Our country was built on the backs of slaves, and that includes our political system. Especially our political system.

Now there are plenty of Pubs, you for example, who have found a healthy way to adjust to and deal with American racism. Doesn’t mean it’s not there. Doesn’t mean it’s not rampant in both parties. Doesn’t mean I am going to resist the opportunity to take a jab at Austin Frank when he implies the Pubs aren’t just a bunch of old angry racists!

He put it out there, man! I could not resist! I really couldn’t.

I was like I shouldn’t even go here, cause all the Pubs who don’t wanna be viewed as racist are gonna be like, “David Clarke is awesome! Just like Condaleeza Rice!”

Yeah, no. Most real black people are gonna have some real serious problems with almost any black politician, cause getting that gig involves some selling out for sure. But I think we will stomach a Jesse Jackson or an Al Sharpton slightly better than an Omarosa or a Clarence Thomas.

So I let this go with this: both parties are racist as all hell. Dem racism is just more covert, and therefore more tolerable, than Pub racism. But I am even beginning to question that; and I was glad the Clinton’s were called out for their whole super predator mythology; and it definitely backfired on her when it came to getting the black vote. A lot of black male votes Trump picked up had to do with that, I am sure. Black men didn’t like her, and a lot of them said, “what the hell…about that Molotov Cocktail…”

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