Ha, ha, ha! You are too funny. I’ve been close enough to that viper pit, and I definitely do not have the temperament for it.

I’m someone who just wants to go to work and do my job, which I once naively thought, could be along the same lines of doing the right thing. In those kinds of environments, it’s not. Especially when you are dealing in such political hot buttons such as affirmative action/diversity/ multiculturalism etc…

Here is one of the reasons I left one of my positions, some powerful forces were trying to force me to be a good little house negro, and destroy the career of this white guy, this perfectly decent and hard working white guy, who dared to challenge the affirmative action selection..And he was right.

The way they selected the black guys they ultimately selected was wrong. It was unfair. It was blatantly discriminatory towards whites. I said so.

I said, “look, he raises valid points, the selection process was corrupted, and you all need to fix this.” Not only did they ignore me, when he filed an EEOC complaint, which was his right, they tried to force me to build a case for the man’s employment termination.

I refused — because that was just wrong. On so many levels just wrong. Do you think they cared? Nah.

Irony of all ironies, this was coming out of the most racist and sexist department, which is to say, it wasn’t about race. They weren’t trying to destroy this man’s career because he was white, they were trying to destroy him because he had the audacity to say — hey this is wrong; and file a complaint about it. He bucked the system-and had, like I said, good reason to. He had a strong case. He was right and he clearly had evidence and the law on his side, and they wanted to destroy him, with nothing. They had nothing on this man! And they wanted to make me complicit. I wasn’t having it.

With regard to diversity and AA, there should be policies in place to ensure that people are treated fairly under the law. Often, that doesn’t happen. What happens is a powerful person will say, “make this department look like this right now! I don’t care how! Make it more ‘diverse’ or now as the pendulum swings back, “make it less diverse!”

And this just causes endless power struggles, endless push pull, a fair number of absurd results, a fair number of people who get jobs who in no way deserve them, but also a fair number who do…probably more who don’t. I have watched the right and the left viciously battle one another, up close and personal, on that particular issue -and I’m here to tell you- it gets bloody. It gets vicious.

In one of my jobs someone told me, “Amber, you won’t last here.” Why? I asked. “Because you’re transparent and you have integrity — and they don’t want that.”

It’s true. Hardly anyone wants that, not in that field.

Harming others to advance myself and even my particular agenda, has been offered. The devil came to me and said, I got deals for ya, aren’t they tempting…you get this and this and THIS all you have to do is, that and that and that. This seems to be part and parcel of being involved with something as political as “diversity.”

And being a part of Trump’s “diversity”! I can’t imagine…I simply could not the deals with the devil that would entail- and believe me, I could probably make them, which is to say I got inside info that Trumps and the Pubs could have a field day with!!!!!!! They would love it! And they would love using someone like me to say — hey, see, this is exactly why none of this stuff works…and ironically they’d be kind of right.

And yet…they got nothing better. Of this I’m sure.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!