Ha, ha, ha! I hear ya! Well, that’s an amazing trait indeed! Never lying, not even to oneself!

Well, yes. We did have opposite sort of reactions to less than ideal circumstances. My parents were negligent wanna bee hippies…definitely glitchy! I know where my glitches come from.

And yet, because of the chaos, I longed for the traditional. I believed all those American lies about pursuing a certain path to success. It just made me more miserable 😭. Things didn’t start getting interesting until I started letting the glitches back in.

So yes, you might be entirely glitchy, if you resisted money programming! Which just grabs most by the throat. And…I am betting that’s not just an American program. I have traveled other places and worldwide people seem to buy into that program.

Americans more than anyone though, I would guess. Yes, we are insufferably shallow like that.

I wouldn’t say deprogramming oneself is the same as lying to oneself, however. What are lies anyway? What is truth? We can no longer answer those questions, really.

This is how glitchy I was, when I was lil, about 3, I would put myself to sleep by pondering the awesomeness of my own infinity. (Now do you believe that this is true? Or do you believe I was lying to myself?)

I KNEW that I was eternal. No one told me this. I assumed it was just common knowledge and that we all knew we were infinite beings, having human vacations. But I don’t know. Over time I completely lost that feeling. By about 8, I want to say. Between 6 and 8 I deprogrammed out of all my glitches…things were just rough. So I went into survival mode.

It slowly returned…its still not entirely back. I still can’t do that infinite thing I used to do though, it wasn’t just pondering infinity, it was almost like flying.

When I auto-suggest to Theta, I tell myself things that can be true. If they aren’t true now, technically that’s a lie. But there are endless lies that bounce around inside our heads, why not make them good ones?

For me, this is in experiment with consciousness. I am playing around with thoughts and feelings, just to see what happens. (If anything at all.)

This is the first time in my adult life, that I have pursued life in an almost totally non-linear way.

The experience is both boring and freeing. But…things have happened to me that make it impossible to go back to anything remotely resembling the traditional. I could not go back if I wanted to. (Which I don’t) But I just can’t!

So for me, a door in one sort of consciousness has closed forever. I am trying to find my way into another consciousness, like you inhabit. Have no idea how to get there! So I will just listen to my Theta tunes till I figure something out.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!