Ha, ha, ha Ron I do not! However I do see this system accurately as it is now…weak, at a time in history where this weakness can clearly be exploited; and it is. Because our democracy has been under a sort of systematic attack since at least 2000, probably earlier…yes, actually earlier than that and maybe (probably) always…well eventually a democracy gets weary.

Trump is a dictator, that is just who he is. This has nothing to do with the precise title he holds, whether he runs a single hotel, a string of hotels, or a nation, he is a dictator. He is that just that type.

You raise valid points about tribalism, yes it exists within a nation clearly. The more complicated task is to get all the tribes of a nation to relatively peacefully coexist; and the fewer and more homogeneous tribes you have, the easier this is for any given nation. So America, being diverse as it is, has got some serious issues, right about now.

The left sort of says: hey we can do this, we can coexist, let’s make that happen, whereas the right, if it allows other tribes to be at all, wants a very strict hierarchy in place with its group at the top and every other group keeping to its particular rung on the ladder.

The ladder is shifting drastically, not only in America, but the world. I was explaining to my sister that both China and India have far more honors kids, than America has kids…any kids. This is to say the intellectual capital of those countries is far greater than ours, and to that end, they are shaking things up globally. All while struggling with their own tribes.

Every tribe on the earth is insisting on its piece of the global pie. And with current government structures in place globally, this is difficult to accomplish.

I’d further argue that when you start breaking women and men into “tribes” or “warring tribes” your species has got quite the problem. This is unnatural. This is unsustainable…and yet here we are. Fertility rates are dropping drastically among men and women most able to sustain life in this new world. What does that tell us? I’m not sure.

I find the trans movement confusing (honestly I just do not understand why there is such an extreme need for people to identify with a gender that does not correspond with their biological gender.)

I do sort of understand how one might feel as if they are both genders, and would want to be identified as such. People with both genitals actually do exist, and so it is understandable that such people would want to be acknowledged for who they are.

But I feel as though this is a response to the extreme divisions that we have created among the two genders that have not served us well. Trans people are strongly rejecting a system that is extraordinarily limiting to both genders.

To be female is to be forced to embrace a collection of privileges and disadvantages, that may or may not correspond with your personality. To be male is the same, and the structures are so rigid. I think people are tired of the limitations and the trans people are pushing back against those limits very hard. I think, in the end, they are assisting the troubled male/female dynamic.

You can’t engage in a battle between the sexes if you can’t tell what the sexes are. I think this is what transgenders are doing. Confusing the hell out of us all, so that we can’t continue to put people into gender prisons.

If you are of a conservative mindset, this sort of thing will cause your brain to blow a gasket. Conservative minds need those baskets, and boxes and categories to make sense of their world. My own mind is conservative in that way, I guess everyone’s is to a certain extent. But I am, and have always been willing to entertain the idea of other possibilities.

Where is all of this going? You sort of point to the fact that everything moves in cycles, and this is just a cycle in a series of ever complex and never-ending cycles. You’re right. History shows us as much.

But, in the short run and at the micro levels people have got to live through and survive those cycles, so I think it is important to understand what is going on and to call a spade a spade and a fascist a fascist and a dictator a dictator, and to just generally have a clue.

If I take the longview, I have to admit Trump is a good thing. He makes the corrupt and wrong painfully obvious, in ways the those of the establishment do not.

I am wondering how can I sincerely advocate for anyone who has been sexually assaulted in a meaningful way, with a President like Trump in office. The message is clear, and has been made even clearer. When money and power is in good supply, sexual assault will be tolerated. It will not be prosecuted. Victims will not be made whole, or even respected. This is just the truth. It is a hard truth to have to tell anyone who has been victimized, but it is the truth. It is better for that truth to be known that not. It is better for everyone who has been victimized in this way (both male and female, sex crimes are largely about power) to know how little their lives matter when weighed against the privileges and entitlements demanded by the powerful. Trump has made these truths quite clear.

As for Hillary, well I know your issues with her, when it comes to this topic. Essentially her position was no different than Trumps. Money and power matters more than the lives of the victims. And yet…her election would not have made these truths as evident as the election of Trump has.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!