Ha,ha,ha! You are surely right! Estwald and I were having an in depth discussion of human nature, as it had been described in these sci-fi novels. The novelist argued that humans were flawed because they were both heirarchical and intelligent, and Estwald was pointing out the flaws in this theory. At any rate, in that discussion, I came to the conclusion that most humans don’t need to organize into groups larger than 150. At that number, organization and even hierarchy works well. Everyone knows everyone else, and everything is on the up and up. Any larger than that…well then there’s room for lying, stealing in a word corruption.

All our systems are very large, and therefore rotten corrupt, especially at the top. Then you add to that the fact that the corruption is so obvious right now. I have no idea how Trump and his crew thought that they would act on the world stage, without any of their corruption coming to light. It’s just like the world’s greatest show watching Trump run around the world expanding the Trump brand on America’s back and watching all the outrage and fallout from it. And yet I knew it was going to play out like this. I knew it. Trump and Washington is a bad combination. Washington corruption has its own sort of complexity that Trump is trying to challenge with a more honest type of corruption. It is not working.

The last election cycle brought all the Clinton corruption to light, I don’t know if Trump thought his popularity would save him from that same fate, or if he just doesn’t care, but his White House is in shambles due to corruption.

Now he’s bringing in the big-time political heavyweights to fix his mess, but I doubt it can be fixed because the corruption cat is out of the bag. It certainly looks to me like the Trump family put its personal business dealings with Russia a head of what is best for the country. That’s not surprising in the least when you consider who and what Trump is.

But the only difference between the Trumps and the Clinton’s is that they are less obvious with their corruption. I honestly don’t know whether that’s better or worse.

But yes politically these systems have taken on deep corrupt lives of their own, and now everyone sees it. It’s obvious on the right and left. The people are calling their politicians on it, we want single-pay healthcare! All of them, Dems and Pubs are completely ignoring this. They are all showing us exactly who they are…and that they play on the same team, largely. They have been able to shift and play the blame game for years, but it is just not working anymore. Pubs can’t really blame Dems, now that they are in power; and Dems have been called on how truly corrupt they are with their dealings with Hillary and Bernie. We can all see the big political con game for exactly what it is.

Working with the Light!

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