Ha, ha…I thought I did. I actually think you are right about the numbers, with 7 billion and counting, 60 million extra men doesn’t seem like that many. For the stats to mean anything at all, you would have to break them down by age, because men start out with an advantage, but then get passed by women as time moves on. So 300 million men over women is, (according to your math) what the number should look like? (I take your word for it, I hate math.) Well, then I stand corrected, 60 million extra men is not probative of lethal violence directed against women. Still doesn’t mean it’s not happening though.

No one is backing down these days John, Not from real facts, distorted facts, alternative facts. Everyone wants to be right! The stats make their rounds, and I agree the stats largely mean nothing. To many variables.

You’re not alone with your anger over feminists social media attacks. At least once a week, my son gets attacked by (what he calls, I don’t know if this is how they identify themselves) the “Twitter Feminists.” It cracks me up! He does get attacked for saying relatively innocuous things. It irks him that he cannot make any sort of comment about a female celebrity’s appearance, without getting attacked by the Twitter feminists. I tell him, just stay out of the fray. There is absolutely no way he’s going to win any of those battles, no matter what he says. It totally doesn’t matter if he’s right. Which in one instance, he probably was. The issue was whether this particular celebrity — Miley Cyrus or someone, dressed too sexually provocative for her young audience. He simply cited the celebrity’s audience demographics - age 5 to 15. He was attacked on Twitter the entire day! 150 some tweets attacking him. I thought that was hysterical!

People have very thin skin about all sorts of things- and are not backing down…on anything. Don’t take it personally. It’s the times…crazy times!

People everywhere, and especially young women, are angry; and rightfully so. You have the President making at best, wildly inappropriate statements, and at worst admitting to serial sexual assault- and half the country is cool with that. This has strained gender relations in America deeply. Lines have been drawn in the sand, and are not to be crossed! It’s such a mess over here.

This is just the ramifications of Trumpism, as well as all of the unnatural factors you point to. I remember driving through the Bronx (that’s a really poor urban area in New York City) I saw these buildings that looked like something out of sci-fi, in that they were so vast, and designed to cram hundreds of thousands of people, in such small spaces. And they were all so densely built together. like you could stick an arm out of one sky-scraper and touch the next one…and that went on for blocks. I thought to myself, that’s got to change the way people’s brains develop! No trees for blocks, just bricks and concrete and people, on top of people, on top of people.

I was lucky to have grown up in a nice section of a mid-sized city. It was nice, until the guns and drugs started pouring in, then it all went to hell. That was in the 80s. Many parts of Cleveland, Ohio- where I am from, look like Allepo now. That’s what the crack drug war has done to almost all the black urban areas in America, completely destroyed them.

Now, the rural areas are under attack, with heroine and meth. It is so sad to me, to watch the whole thing happen all over again. Trump gave all this lip service to his base about how he would help them with the opioid crisis, and thus far he has done the opposite. Even though many voted for Trump, I feel so bad for these people. I think they really thought he was going to help them. He is actually taking away the limited resources they have to cope with this crisis. But yeah, the conditions that we live under are unnatural. Those highly addictive drugs are just so unnatural and just devastating in ways that most people couldn’t begin to imagine, until it happens to them.

And then there’s the Matrix. People are packing up and moving into the Matrix with the smart phones and the virtual games. Weird, wild stuff.

Since the 90s, I’ve lived in the suburbs, which to me is like living on an astro turf monopoly board. It just feels fake. But, it’s safe. I can’t complain.

Here in America the choices are — urban jungles, with a variety of risks and terrors that most people who are raising families want to avoid, so they move to suburbs, these bizarre artificial environments, that often feel like something out of the Twilight Zone and/or rural or Southern America, where most work the land hard and long and are always battling poverty, despite best efforts and are always behind the cultural curve.Rural American is Trump’s base, and they totally don’t get how they are being conned. I don’t know. Maybe they do. We have fooled the entire world into thinking we are something special, but really? It’s a strange country.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!