Ha ha! It’s certainly a problem. I’ve also noticed this disconnect with the marketing of spirituality — it’s like as soon as you do it, you destroy whatever was spiritual about it, because commercialism is the antithesis of spirituality. Commercialisms very nature is to insist something is wrong with you, that you can fix by buying something.

Spirituality insists you are perfectly fine, just the way you are, and buying something is the last thing you need to do to fix yourself.

Still…a lot of people have made a lot of money delivering that message…so there’s no way the spiritual is not going to get commercialized at this point.

Interesting catch…the guy covering his mouth…wow. I saw that ad and knew something was wrong, but couldn’t but my finger on what. Overall, you gotta admit, very well done. He sells spirituality like a pro…and over in India, where there has been a lot of inner work, so unlike the west, spirituality is the hottest commodity India has. They’ve been selling spirituality, over there for decades, if not centuries. I don’t know if there is a way around this conundrum. Spiritual teachers gotta eat…but at the same time, when you are charging $100 bucks for your meditation CDs the student has to wonder is this about spirituality or the teacher getting rich off of nicely commodifying something that seems spiritual. Does the commodification cheapen the spiritual nature of the product? Of course it does. But at the same time would there be all this interest in spirituality, if not for the commodification of it? Nope. Quite the catch 22.


Working with the Light!

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