Ha, ha! Justin, as PR indeed! My how he has grown! That’s some acting Auntie! For when Justin is himself, it’s all just incoherent angry rants and slurs, but now with this PR character he has adopted, he actually speaks in intelligible coherent sentences, punctuated with occasional angry rants…and not so much slurs, as baseless accusations.

Same energy though.

Yes, it’s Justin, in slightly different form. Oh he’s tricksy Auntie! Ever so tricksy! Now we’ve got a Diva troll on our hands. You’ve got to admit he has a bit of range, which he was lacking before.

And to think, you put these ideas in his head! Now he’s going to be trolling around in any number of different characters. Progressive Reformation is just the start of it. He might come back as “old lecher” or “white cracker” or “the third Reich” for all we know.

The upside? At least he is nurturing his creativity. And that rage properly channeled? He could be the next big star! (A reality TV star…but a star nonetheless.)

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!