Ha! That’s not what the Mandela Effect (ME) is though. Surely all of us remember things wrong. I’m not implying that I don’t. I love literary quotes too, but I get them wrong all the time (and btw I am not that young).

And I know this is hard to accept, because it was the first time I heard about ME. But with ME, entire groups of people remember different things. Now that is something different. How can so many misremember the exact same way? At a certain point, that becomes statistically impossible.

Also, There is this thing called “residue.” Residue is evidence of the other thing remembered. Like there is residue of the word JC Penny, which can be found in other forms of media. It’s as if someone was trying to erase the other memory, but could not find all the examples. As if the delete button missed a few. Oh yeah, this thing has quite a rabbit hole to it, and it runs pretty deep, I’m only inches from the surface, others are miles down.

Believe me, this is not something unique to me, lots of people have the same alternative memories, the same ones as I do. So it doesn’t bother me, the way it did initially, because I know I’m not going crazy. (At least not because I have these other memories.)

But I do wonder, what is this thing? Why is it happening? I discovered the phenomenon last summer (along with many others, the term hit a huge Google spike in 2015 — and a lot of people are following the trends and changes and entertaining different theories about it. I just check in on it from time to time, to see what else has changed. I decided to write about it because I think it is super weird and interesting; and I needed to write something I could submit to The Rabbit is In, a publication dedicated to the weird and interesting. I thought ME would be perfect.

So…don’t worry for me! I’m just indulging my natural weird curiosity and being dramatic about it. (I am not really freaking out all that much.)

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!