Ha! Too funny! I don’t know if I fully agree with your assessment. Honestly, Svetlana sounds like Ayn Rand…also Russian at least initially. But she visited America around the early part of the 20th century and loved it. She never left. Basically founded a cult that exists to this day!

I don’t know why some people find the sort of hyper capitalism Rand peddles so intoxicating, but people respond to Svetlana, who pretty much peddles the same thing, intoxicating too.

I will never get it.

I find both capitalism and communism deeply flawed economic systems, because they both are prone to corruption, and both systems have failed as a result. Svetlana wants to argue that capitalism has only failed because of Progressive, Marxist influences, which nah. I’m sorry, over here our system has totally been jacked by gangster capitalism. I can’t name one system over here that Thugs haven’t ruined. And I know Thugs. I know Thugs at their most base level, because I grew up in the hood.

What is shocking is that the Thugs are everywhere. Not just the criminals, in the ghettos, that’s just the lowest level. The thug types are everywhere and they corrupt everything. Thugs are really just people who love money and power over all else, and love resorting to violence and illegal means to get it. They are everywhere and capitalism, especially American capitalism is water that the thug types love to swim in. From all over the world…they just love it over here, because there are so many ways to Game this system and the Thugs, figure it out quickly.

Donald Trump is many unpleasant things, but at least he’s not a Thug. He associates with quite a few, and seems to admire them. Putin might be a thug. I don’t know enough about him to say for sure. But I will take a con over a thug any day. Cons actually like people (as long as they are conning them.) Thugs don’t and are ruthless.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!