Ha! Well you will be waiting a long time. That kind of writing takes a lot of work, and I am not interested in pursuing that sort of writing on Medium. Sure I can do it. But it does take a tremendous amount of effort, and the facts of the political scene are so extraordinarily distorted by so many different players, I think it’s impossible to find the truth at this point. It’s all chasing rabbits down holes. I don’t believe anyone. Why would anyone believe me?

As for my professional writing, that I have to do, (all based around certain laws), I am very good at it. So I do know how to do all of the things that you have described, but I find that very dull and boring. It’s work.

That is really the writing I should be doing on Medium, (around sexual assault, and all the legal issues that arise with it) maybe I will.

But for now, I am not doing anything serious or professional on Medium, just observing and asking questions. I find a lot of really interesting ideas here.

But thanks for your vote of confidence! You seem to want to hear different perspectives, and that’s awesome. Maybe you will find a more focused version of me out there, writing about politics. I hope you do.

Working with the Light!

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