Ha! Why? She’s either some group of people undercover for the Pubs,working to agitate and divide Dems, or a really strange lady who really does go down some rabbit holes. I’m reading her to try and figure out which. She never says anything critical of Trump, which makes me very suspicious.

I hear you on staying out of the swamp…I try, but when something is just so patently unfair, I just can’t hold back.

I am really sick of all of the hate for Hillary. Sick of it! It’s has damn near been a year of this! I am sick and tired. And it is not about Hillary, but what she represents. I am tired of looking into the sad faces of my friends who just love her, and empathically feeling how bad they feel. I am tired that there are no words to cheer them. None. I am tired of listening to conversations about how they feel so scared and defeated.

I am tired (and quite honestly disgusted) that we live in a sick country indeed, when a powerful woman is just utterly despised, just because she is powerful, doing the same things that all the men, in the Grand Old Party, do.

So, if I brought a smile to your face, then I have done my good deed for the day!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!