Ha! You are too funny Johns Hopkins. I don’t take much that Svetlana Voreskova says seriously, because she’s probably a newby Russian Hacker/propagandist learning the ropes and probably a big fat harry man. (A picture, does not necessarily represent a real person, online, and her picture looks a little to perfect.)

I look for trolls, sophisticated ones, who respond negatively to social justice type posts. They are everywhere. Some are robots. Some have been trained to respond as robots (which is to say they are given a script which they post and report everywhere they can get the opportunity) and when questioned, they sort of internally combust, because they don’t have the critical thinking skills to answer any real questions about their scripted reposts.

And then there are sophisticated ones, who don’t usually back down until backed into an illogical corner from which they can’t escape. They get angry, and they quit responding to anything I have to say; and then I’m all like “Yes! I’ve won, in the war against troll and propaganda!” But she doesn’t quit, which makes me think this like some sort of job and she can’t quit. So instead S/he simply ignores facts that s/he can’t deal with or refute.

Of course s/he raises valid points. There are two sides to every story, and she is particular good at trolling, because s/he is able seems to present a reasonable side to the story…but then she says things like this:

“In terms of conflict in a male/female relationship, the woman always has more power. The violence against women act and similar laws across the western world are a confirmation of that.”

It is just a crazy, clearly over broad, and quite honestly ridiculous and maybe even delusional statement, that is very damaging to real discussion of the issues of intimate violence. Would a woman really say this?

Also this:

It is not a mystery why in a thousand years, Muslim societies have produced no advances or innovations to speak of.”

In fact this is what tipped me off to the fact that s/he was not someone who really wanted to engage in constructive dialogue, but would rather spread a certain type of propaganda. Again, the statement is over broad. She has also gone back, and claimed that she did not say this, and that she in fact said “Islam” and not “Muslim” and that there is a distinction…but I highlighted her post, so it is there for all to see, what she said.

I have an issue with propaganda being directed at minority groups and women because it is extremely dangerous. Intimate violence is — at least being documented now — at record highs; and to be spreading ideas like:

In terms of conflict in a male/female relationship, the woman always has more power” is extremely dangerous to women and men struggling with that particular dynamic in their relationships. This nonsense gets people killed, and sent to prison for life.

I don’t know a whole lot of what is going on in eastern Europe, but there does seem to be a tremendous amount of backlash against women who want basic things like: the right to consent to sex, the right to reproductive freedom, the right to speak without being slapped around. (Of course Svetlana denies all of this and claims Russia is a bastion of freedom and democracy, but of course it’s not. They’ve basically got Big Brother on their internet, much like China, free thought and expression is not encouraged.) But beyond her clear lack of understanding of the psychological dynamics of intimate violence, there is also this, especially troubling given the new revelations about Russians hacking the DNC and RNC:

“I think it is strange that the democrats now complain about the vote counting machines and the electoral college system. Were they unaware of the workings of that system before the election?”

If s/he is Russian (working in Ireland as she claims) why does s/he care about the inner-workings of American democracy? I mean the electoral college!?!?! What Russian living their everyday regular Russian life, gives a flying flipp about the Electoral College?!?!?!?! Why would s/he even invest the time to understand it? It is such a bizarre system that most Americans were largely unaware of, until the Bush/Gore showdown. Why does she care? Do I care about the inner workings of Russian democracy? Honestly? No. It would be great if they have a functioning democratic process, but whether they do affects my life in no way.

Then she has her sidekick Joshua Sanders chirping in with his “Go Svetlana! She’s so brilliant!” She’s crushing you!” Is this guy her supervisor? Why does she have her own personal cheerleader? It’s weird.

Maybe,(and yeah it’s a bit paranoid, I admit) there are scores of Russians trolls sitting around getting paid to sow discord here in America internally. It could be a new type of cyber warfare that they are engaging in. Believe me, she is a different type of troll, far more sophisticated than most American ones.

S/he uses a variety of different techniques and rhetoric, everything from the rational and logical and sensible, to the off-the-chain, overly emotional- cray-cray insult-hurling fests, when she is losing ground. I find the different levels of rhetoric fascinating. If you are fighting a war with words, her techniques are pretty sophisticated. This kind of troll is dangerous however, because a lot of what she says is perfectly fine, and no one would take issue with it. That is how she sucks in people like you. You read something like this:

“I agree that he comes across as egotistical and bombastic. But whether he cares about ordinary Americans or not; there is at least the possibility I suppose that he will do his best to prove his detractors wrong even if it is just to massage his own ego.”

Which she said about Trump,and you think, “Hey! she’s a pretty smart cookie. Let’s see what other valid points she can make. But she always ends up going back to some nutter-butter stuff- neo-marxism? Apparently tons of Americans are neo marxists in her view. Huh? What? Cray-cray.

S/he also does a lot of lying and attributing statements to people that are not true, and repeating the lies and misattributions ad naseum. When s/he doesn’t want to respond to valid points raised, s/he ignores them for the most part. However, if she makes a valid point, I will concede the point, which is a critical part of ethically and honestly debating an issue. S/he ignores nearly all my valid points — but responds to baiting and aggression, probably so as to to appear weak, but I raised valid points in my most aggressive post, in order to force a response. It worked.

And s/he was pretty conciliatory in that response, as conciliatory as s/he can be.

But then s/he mixes the sane in with all sorts of crazy. “Dezinformatsiya” or throwing out a lot of disinformation, mixed with real information is apparently some kind of Russian cyber/psychological warfare tactic. I think that’s what s/he is up to. Seriously.

Fascinating stuff to watch from a purely academic perspective. Frightening stuff when you consider tons of vapid, impressionable, young and underdeveloped American minds are going to be assaulted by this, or way or the other.

There is no real disconnect between Svetlana and I, because s/he has no intention of engaging in real constructive dialogue. S/he’s attempting some sort of Russian cyber mind game. I’m not falling for it.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!