Hardly that…every so often, I get bored. When that happens I like to venture into the land of the teeny, tiny penises and even tinier minds, and get a couple of laughs from their desperation and fear of a brown planet, that’s definitely inevitable.

Cause a big black d@ck, well that’s an unstoppable force — and ya know it! That’s what this lil whiny article is all about, with all its racist ass dog whistling.

OMG! The big black d@cks are winning!

Indeed they are. I’m just going to point it out and laugh.

It’s a glorious past-time. Hysterically funny, listening to those of tiny hands and other members shriek in terror and fear, “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”… and…for them it is…

Meanwhile the rest of us go about our lives, largely unaffected, cause we have always lived in the reality of the plutocracy. Don’t none of these fat cats give a goddamn about none of us. But they are making it very clear, via globalization, that they really don’t give a good goddamn about these silly, simple and stupid white boys, no more! Totally unwilling to support the fallacy of white make supremacy any longer.

And I know, it really sucks, doesn’t it? When you don’t have your every fart and snicker applauded just because you’re white and male. What are they thinking? Expecting y’all to actually have something of value to bring to the table other than white skin and a teeny-tiny? When did the rules change up?

It did happen rather quickly, didn’t it?

Sorry…y’all got to hush that fuss and just move your asses to the back of the bus.

Free white ride in America is OVER. And I ain’t the one whining and crying over that, so who’s the snowflake? Yeah…that’s what I thought.

Working with the Light!

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