Have talked to several. I got a Masters in English, babe, from George Mason University, no less.

I know exactly who I am, so this lil bit of crazy neo-con gaslighting bullshit is water off the back Babe.

The narrative form of Eminem “8 mile” is exactly the same as Eliot’s love song of J. Alfred. But an ignorant, closed mind would never see it. Thank God I ain’t got one of those.

But what really, really, REALLY pisses me the fuck off, is when some one puts a ginormous pile of shit in front of me, and tries to feed it to me like it’s beef stew.

I ain’t biting! Not one spoonful.

Can’t stand a Clinton, 🖕🏽go fuck a Trump. Any one of the fuckers…any single on of em.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!