He actually did claim to do this without consent. He said something to the effect of “ I don’t ask them, I just do it and they let me because I’m a celebrity.” He may have been exaggerating, but no one can really know for sure — and then his behavior with the actual actress, awkward, inappropriate and repulsive. Both he and Billy Bush acted inappropriately, distastefully and are both suffering from exactly the kinds of consequences such disgusting behavior often brings. I am not so naive that I don’t believe that powerful people, especially in Hollywood, don’t engage in these antics all the time. I’m sure they do. But at the same time, when caught on tape, they will feel the collective disgust of a truly moral majority — and suffer the consequences of that.

People who seek to excuse such disgusting behavior — well I am thrilled to see that you all are getting exactly the backlash you deserve. There are no excuses- none- for this kind of behavior.

Working with the Light!

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