He did quote the Bible…New Testament, Jesus’ one and only commandment, which says: more than 10,000 books say: Love your neighbor, like you love yourself.

That’s all any “pastor” needs to know. But you don’t like that particular commandment much huh? Bet it doesn’t serve your fire and brimstone, murder, death, kill worldview. Because if we talk about Jesus telling everyone to love one another, how are we gonna justify all this violence and hell and hate and war? It’s real hard to reconcile isn’t it? So you’d rather just ignore whatever Jesus was really talking about and run back into all those Old Testament murder death kill scriptures. And then people wonder why people are leaving religion in droves. I’ll tell you, because people ain’t falling for that stupid lil congame anymore. Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are the new Gods. And that’s sad, but y’all only have yourselves to blame. You blew it.

Working with the Light!

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