He hasn’t accomplished much of anything. Largely, the markets are always in constant motion — and the markets have been roller coastering all throughout his presidency.

He has done nothing for the economy- not a damn thing. Can’t get the big tax breaks through for the rich, cause of all the scandals! It’s just as well, as those tax breaks will crush the poor and middle class. He’s done nothing for the middle class, but, if his tax plan goes through, he will be spitting and kicking them and stomping all over the poor. Defecating on them, actually. Which is not surprising in the least.

Proof of his “endless messes” are bombarded at all of us 24/7. His administration is full of incompetent sycophants, who have no idea what they are doing. And when they try to do anything, the moment any one of them gets even a bit of positive traction, he throws them in a corner or under a bus. Love how he put Bannon on a time out. That’s too funny.

Meanwhile, Ivanka and Kush use the US TreAsury to bankroll further expansion of their empires. I mean why cut costs? It’s all on your dime. Yet, his supporters are so deep into the game of “la la la I’m not listening to anything I don’t want to hear” they just ignore it…at their own peril. Healthcare? Gone. Die in the streets. The opium addiction crisis? Trumps plan? “Lock them up!”

I don’t get how anyone who reads or thinks, can conclude that this president has done a single productive thing.

Oh wait…the reading and thinking. I assume too much.

Working with the Light!