He was being provocative, purposefully provocative because in the same week I believe the officer responsible for the Philando Castile murder walks with impunity and a pregnant black woman was also murdered in her home in front if her children, and if these incidents get any media coverage AT ALl, it sort, oh yeah, yawn snooze, our systems have horrifically killed black people one again, and failed to take any responsibility for it. And so he was trying to make a point: how does it feel when the white life is so easily disregarded? White people went ape…and it points to a deep and intrinsic racism that white people can completely disregard everything Son of Baldwin had to say about black life being regularly disregarded, and place so much time and energy exclusively focusing on Baldwin’s command — which is not a call to violence, but merely apathy.

Like the apathy almost every white American except for a handful feel about the outrageous state sanctioned violence directed at black and brown people. Yeah…that exact same apathy.

Don’t most white Americans say let them die, all day ever damn day, with regard to POCs?

I mean I can’t count on one hand the whites who have said anything at all about Philando Castile’s wrongful death, and that too is a legal concept that you may want to explore, as well.

He made his point, and he made it well. He made many white Americans feel, just a tiny fraction of what PoCs have to live with everyday.

I always find it disconcerting, the outrage white collectives express whenever they experience just a fraction of the kind of injustice PoCs have to live with every damn day.

Working with the Light!

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