Her stories have tremendous amounts of evidence, this is what she does. She tracks what happens to pedephiles and sexual predators who are brought up on charges. Not much happens and that is her point. Here in Virginia a man who made $500,000 over two years trafficking about 20 underage girls, got 4 years in prison. These young women were repeatedly and brutally raped mind you…four years. He was a white guy, but to be fair he picked up the practice from Latino gangs.

There is a tremendous amount of criminal behavior everywhere, most of it just doesn’t get prosecuted. And especially if the criminals have the resources to evade prosecution. Police struggle to have any impact with gangs, because selling guns, sex and drugs give these gangs the resources to evade prosecution. Poor people are the ones who have to do the time for crime. No one else.

Instead of focusing on the color of criminals, you need to focus on their socioeconomic status. If you are poor, even if you didn’t do a crime, you can get locked up for years and destroyed by the brutal criminal justice system, which only provides rights to people with money.

Working with the Light!

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